Why Us?


We focus on you and your needs - your bespoke context - we know that every transformation is different and change is constant. Every person is unique and reacts differently in different contexts.

One size will never fit all... 

Our Models

Our bespoke models, based on our expertise in behavioural dynamics, cover all 68 primary drivers of behaviour in organisations - these models cover your 'top team', all your people practices and your underlying culture.

Our Leadership Expertise and Experience

We work with the 16 primary drivers relevant to strategic direction and leadership. Those drivers, combined with our extensive and broad experience as leaders, enable us to work with you and your teams to connect and align behind a meaningful strategy. 

Our Consultants

We have been there and done it. We are ex 'practitioners' and leaders of industry who will completely understand the context of our clients. We will understand the strategic intentions but also have the courage and care to facilitate safe conversations and meetings.

Our Technology

Our bespoke technology and process support our consultants by allowing them to gather over 600 individual pieces of insight from a single safe conversation. The technology is designed to minimise the subjectivity that can be present when judgements are being made about what people really think and feel. 

Our Customers

We are proud of the positive impact we achieve when working alongside our amazing clients - click here to read what some of them have to say about us.