Why Us


Our Conversations

Our consultants gain the core evidence from one to one conversations with a number of employees at all levels, including customer facing employees – the important stuff can only be identified from informal safe conversations from diverse perspectives, not by ‘interview’ or questionnaire. 

Our Models

We have two bespoke models that detail ‘every room in the house’ in terms of critical people issues and behavioural drivers – upon which the conversations are based. 

Our Consultants

They have been there and done it, in business and HR. They have the ability to create ‘safe environments’.

Our Technology and Process

We have bespoke technology and process that enables us to gain the insight rapidly and robustly. It enables us to maximise insight and minimise subjectivity!

Our Competitors

They provide different tools that have their place but they are not designed to get behind the masks. 


Mark Martin - Founder & CEO

Mark Martin - Foundation Stones CEO

A business leader with 30 years experience, 15 of which have been at Board and Executive level.

Highly successful in a wide range of industries including Unilever, Geest, RBS and T Mobile.

Significant international and P&L experience.

Fellow of the CIPD who is a highly acclaimed HR, business & technology thought leader.

Led the highly complex people separation from Royal Bank of Scotland leading to the successful IPO of Direct Line Group.