it takes one to know one


Foundation Stones was formed in 2013 by a group of successful 'top table' business leaders and proven leaders of people because we recognised that the the world of work is changing.

We knew that business leaders now require a consultancy that does not tell leaders what to do with their people (e.g. generic best practice) but rather 'helps them to help themselves' operate effectively in the new world of work. We are a consultancy that will provide insight on where your leaders/employees are not aligned, critically WHY they are not aligned and then help you to align that behaviour to your specific strategy within your bespoke context.

Integral to sustained performance and agility are the relationshipsbehavioursculture and governance and these key areas are skilfully integrated with our work on the strategy and execution plans. 

We have proven our ability to understand your context and then to align your leaders and/or your entire organisation behind your strategy, leading to vastly improved execution and performance.

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