what makes us different

Inside-out approach  

Foundation Stones specialise in helping organisations to help themselves because we know that sustained success cannot be achieved by external consultants. It requires leaders to connect to their employees, and therefore successful strategic execution must be built from the inside-out. Our solutions are specific to your context rather than 'generic best practice'.

Bespoke context 

Our insight is not based on 'generic best practice' but rather on what our clients need to know if they are to execute their strategy within their context. We do not believe that ‘one size fits all’. For example, there is not a 'best way' to lead, and there is no such thing as the 'best' culture or the 'best way' to reward. All that matters is what is required to align your people behind your strategy. If we help you to execute your strategy better we will have done a good job, but if you do not improve your strategic execution then we have not succeeded. Your performance is the only benchmark that concerns us, and therefore believe any attempts at benchmarking to be a ‘red herring’. The alignment of your leaders, your success and your performance is our measure of success.

Individual ‘safe’ conversations 

In a safe conversation, people will talk about how they really think and feel as opposed to presenting the usual ‘mask’. Using traditional employee engagement data collection methods, such as surveys, may lead people to present something completely different to how they actually think and feel, often not admitting their true thoughts and feelings to themselves. 

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