The Science

We don't want to bore you with too much science. What you do need to know is that we have taken years to develop the philosophy, the models and the technology that enables us to do what others cannot do. If you would like to hear more about the science then please get in contact but, be careful what you ask for, as we love this stuff and we are very passionate about it.

How We Identify Material People Issues

We Look...

Our models are based on what we call 'common sense insights'. These are the things that we all know to be true, such as "if you don't know where you are going you will probably end up somewhere else". If you sit back and think about it, and we did so for years, there are hundreds of such things that we know we should do but somehow we don't always do. If you can identify what your people are really feeling, thinking and doing in terms of these common sense insights and you can compare those insights to the context of your business, your plans and your concerns, you can identify material gaps or put another way you can risk assess your plans form a people perspective.

Our People Foundation & People Steering Models

Three things fundamentally determine what your employees will choose to do. Firstly, your culture, or as we call it the dominant feelings in your people foundation. Secondly, your people practices or how you actually manage the ability, willingness, focus and cost of your people (Not the HR Processes but your actual people practices). Finally, how your leaders 'steer' those people practices and influence the culture. These two models cover these three areas.

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Just like any structure, businesses need to be built on a strong foundation and we have identified the dominant feelings that must be present to make up a strong People Foundation.

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HR and others in business spend too much time in the outer gap closing circle, rather than focusing on the core people practices and how they are impacting the business strategy.