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Quorn Foods was about to embark on a new phase of ownership, and an ambitious new strategy. They wanted to gather insight around their team, to asses whether they were capable and willing to take the business to the next level...

"This sort of insight is particularly relevant for businesses about to change ownership, embarking on an M&A strategy or going through fundamental change.  It is a great due diligence tool to find out the people capability of a business.” 

Amanda Williams, HR Director, Quorn Foods.

Mark Martin made a significant contribution to the success of the Direct Line Insurance Group and its IPO. One of his greatest strengths was his ability to quickly and accurately identify the material people issues that faced us pre-IPO. Issues that once fixed enabled us to succeed and importantly to sustain that success. Therefore, his Foundation Stones business is an obvious development of this critical and unique skill."  

Paul Geddes, CEO - The Direct Line Insurance Group Plc.

"Foundation Stones was not at all disruptive to my operation and was completely focused on my business and my issues. It is the first effective ‘risk assessment’ product for people that I have ever come across, it identified material people issues and material opportunities with the strategy I was trying to deliver and gave practical advise on how to fix those issues. Critically it identified significant risks that my people were likely to cause my business that had not yet materialised, that I was then able to sort."

Ian Michalski, Managing Director, Palethorpes.


“This is an exciting new business with a unique approach. The rigorous process, completed rapidly in weeks, makes the complex people landscape of business seem simple resulting in valuable, understandable actions. It's just what business leaders have been waiting for.”

Darrell Evans, Senior Business Executive, FTSE 100.


 “I was new into role as head of HR and this proved to be the perfect way to develop a powerful People Strategy that the Senior Management Team would understand, own and deliver.”

Jason Page, HR Manager, Palethorpes.

"I would recommend Foundation Stones to any business that needed or wanted to understand quickly and accurately what was actually happening with their people.

Keith Foreman, Managing Director, Freshpak Foods.


“There is obviously a lot of science, models and technology behind what they do but all you experience is a chat. They just chat to people at all levels but then shock you with incredible insight that will actually add value to your business, unlike all the other consultants I have experienced. To me, using Foundation Stones in your business is a ‘no brainer’.”

Ruth Peck, Head of Commercial, Addo Foods Group


"As a Customer Experience leader, I know that results are only sustainable when effectively implemented through a strong people agenda. That's why I would call upon Foundation Stones when taking up a new role or facing into a big change in my business."

Jean-Marc Codsi, Vice President, Global Customer Experience, eBay.