All attempts to unlock value in a business will suffer from the same blind spot

What You See...

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What We See...

We see behind the masks and can therefore tell you the critical changes in ability and/or willingness required to unlock the value and the best way to make those changes.

What you don’t see is the blind spot – what the employees really think and feel about the changes needed to unlock value.


What We Do

We get behind these masks, behind the ‘natural defences’ of people
to identify what they really think and feel about the changes required to unlock the value.

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As a result we can tell you the ‘critical people issues’ that need to be fixed, and how to fix them, if you are to make the changes that will unlock the value and sustain those changes.



We Look At

Context - We look at the value you want to unlock. This is about your context, not external best practice.

Every Room in the House - We look everywhere that could be the cause of a critical people issue that could prevent the required changes.

Behind the Masks - We have safe conversations about what your people really think and feel.

We Look...

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'Safe Conversations'

Our Process is designed to be non-disruptive. One to One engaging conversations with our industry experienced consultants.

What You Will Get


A simple executive summary outlining how you want to unlock value and the critical people issues that will prevent that value from being realised.

A comprehensive report on what’s actually happening with people in the business including how effective the critical people practices are and the strength of the underlying culture.

A simple and practical ‘Action plan’ to deliver the changes that will unlock the value. A ‘People Strategy’ to support the Board of your business.