change readiness

(Organisational Alignment - OA)


A change is successful when the people are fully aligned behind it. They must be aligned on what they believe they should do, and how much they care about doing it, the dominant culture must support it and the 'real' people practices must be aligned behind it. Our Change Readiness product will assess the ‘health of your organisation’ and identify where and how you need to re-align direction and meaning, leadership, culture and people practices to make your change successful.


Leadership Teams who need to better align their people behind their strategy and as a result improve their performance.

Leadership teams who are planning a major transformation and need to understand the organisations ability to ‘realign’ behind the change; are the people willing and able to deal with the new reality, is the organisation set up to deliver it?


As with all of our products, context provides the foundation. We start by gathering the context from the leader of the team and the key influencers in that top team; what is the change they want to make? What is the true/dominant strategy?  That context will include the leaders vision for success, desired success factors, strategic priorities and a deep understanding of the customers they are serving. The clearer and more aligned the leadership team are, the better the context will be and therefore the more valuable the Change Readiness insight will be. Therefore, we recommend that if required our clients start with the Leadership Alignment assessment, and if relevant followed by the Extended Leadership alignment assessment.

There are 68 primary drivers of behaviour in organisations. Our 3 bespoke models show that your organisational behaviour is driven by your ‘top team’, your people practices and your underlying culture. We will gather our insight on all 68 drivers, by conducting a statistically significant number of ‘safe 1-2-1 conversations’ with all levels of employees in your team/business – from your customer facing employees to your leaders. The FS consultants, using our bespoke technology and process, will gather robust data very quickly, identifying the material risks and opportunities you are facing in achieving the alignment of your people to your change or your overall strategy.         

These 68 primary drivers will provide robust insight on the 10 critical KPIs for driving successful change and strategic delivery:

  1. Alignment - are the people aligned behind the change?
  2. Engagement - do the people care about making that change? 
  3. Culture - does the dominant culture support this change?
  4. Leadership - will your overall leadership deliver this change? 
  5. Performance Mgt/Ability - will you be able to deliver the change?   
  6. Employee Connection/trust - will the connection to your employees sustain?
  7. Line Management - are the line managers  willing and able?         
  8. Talent Management - will you have the talent when and where you need it? 
  9. Reward - will the reward/the 'deal' support the change?       
  10. Structure - will your roles and structure deliver the change?                                                                                                                                                              

We measure the 5 'levels of alignment' for every one of the 68 primary drivers:

1.      Not aligned

2.      not fully agreed or aligned

3.      Agreement

4.      Belief

5.      Ownership

As for all of our Foundation Stones programmes, we offer and recommend you utilise our executive 'coaching with a purpose' capability, to help support the leaders of the change. 

We also offer 'on site' support (including training, meeting and event support) to help the leaders of the change program.

FS Support

Typically, the output is a fully aligned leadership team who are much more connected to the hearts and minds of their people.

The leadership will feel able and willing to align their people behind their strategy. They will agree an action plan with us that will deliver this alignment. If required we will support with the implementation of this plan.

Every client to date has fully owned the action plan and in every case their leadership, following our change readiness assessment, has delivered exceptional results. Critically, it has resulted in the successful execution of their strategy, that is, we delivered a specific solution to their specific context; a specific answer to their specific question. 


“I accepted all recommendations from Foundation Stones and have already began to implement those which we deem to be business critical”

Sean Stewart, Divisional Director, Addo Food Group

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