Behavioural Dynamics

We work with you and the people in your business to identify the behavioural drivers that are negatively impacting your current business performance and longer term goals and objectives.

We identify and prioritise behavioural drivers that influence your goals and business performance to deliver prioritised solutions that will improve performance founded in peoples behavioural choices.

Primary Drivers of Behaviour

We have two bespoke models that detail the ‘primary drivers of behaviour' - in terms of critical people issues – upon which our analysis and conversations are based. 

Our models are based on what we call 'common sense insights'.

These are the things that we all know to be true, such as "if you don't know where you are going you will probably end up somewhere else".

If you can identify what your people are really feeling, thinking and doing in terms of these common sense insights and you can compare those insights to the context of your business, your plans and your concerns, you can identify material gaps or you can risk assess your plans form a people perspective.

Safe Conversations

Our consultants gain the core evidence from one to one conversations with a number of employees at all levels, including customer facing employees – the important stuff can only be identified from informal safe conversations from diverse perspectives, not by ‘interview’ or questionnaire. 

We have bespoke technology and process that enables us to gain the insight rapidly and robustly. It enables us to maximise insight and minimise subjectivity.