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Helping you to lead in this 'New World of Work'...


Why we do leadership training

The world is changing; customers, voters and employees are exercising choice, forcing change. There is a very 'New World of Work' (NWoW) developing. As a result, businesses are having to do things differently, which is proving to be a very difficult challenge, particularly for incumbent businesses who have built their success in the paradigm of 'command and control'.  

The 'heavy lifting' this NWoW demands is falling squarely on the shoulders of the business leaders. They have to learn to lead in a very different way. They have to connect to the hearts and minds of their employees, they have to align their employees behind a change. This way of leading is not about 'technique' or 'perfect process', but about 'alignment' and resilience. For these leaders, changing how they actually lead is a lonely, personal, deep and challenging process. 

All our consultants have been business leaders and have personally been wrestling with this NWoW. We want to be there for companies and individual leaders who want to lead real change and know what that means. We know it needs something different. We are that difference.

Once you believe your people have to choose to align behind the changes you want to make, you then know that effective change management is something that can only be achieved from within. Significant and sustainable improvement in leadership cannot be ‘done to you’, that is you cannot force leaders to change over the long-term by controlling the change from the ‘outside-in’ – only an ‘inside-out’ approach will be successful.

We believe that you will already have the leadership potential you need – we can ‘unlock’ and ‘release’ that potential in your current leaders, and support them throughout their development journey, with the courage and care required to deliver the results you need. 

How we help leaders to change

The challenge of leadership in this NWoW is right at the heart of our core capability. We know this new world requires training and development to combine the 'hard and the soft'. Such as, combining clarification and alignment on the strategic priorities with the work on the difficult relationships causing the confusion, conflict and inconsistency in the current delivery.

We therefore start by understanding your context, the change you need to lead. Our job is then to help you deliver real results and not just 'look good'. We know that is NOT about clever techniques, models or processes – it is fundamentally about alignment and resilience

We are consultants for this NWoW and the new paradigm. We understand that effective change only happens when those involved choose to make that change. This is a fundamentally different paradigm and unfortunately, most leadership development interventions have been built by and for the old world of 'command and control'. 

All of our Consultants are experienced and successful ‘top table’ executives – we all share this new paradigm and we have all delivered these interventions before and with great results.

We care deeply about what we do, we want to be in partnership to deliver what you need. Everything we do is therefore bespoke to you and your needs – we judge our success on your results.

All of our programs involve some level of 1-2-1 support and/or coaching. As one of our clients said "we use simple models on what we need to do as leaders, and then focus on the difficult stuff that gets us to actually do it".

What we can do for you?

Everything we do is bespoke to the context of our client; the challenges they face. However, the  leadership training programmes, detailed below, will give a flavour of the work we do:

‘Leading in Context' – we begin to shift the paradigm of your leaders, helping them to take responsibility for the context in which they lead (e.g. external forces & strategic priorities). We will cover leading in the new world of work (NWoW), introduce the concept of alignment and work with our customer-up model. Your leaders will leave better aligned to the direction of your organisation and ready and able to connect and align their teams.

'Resilience in Leadership’ – even the most experienced of leaders will also face many challenges (e.g. change management). We will use 1-2-1 feedback to go deeper into these challenges, helping to ensure they develop as truly resilient leaders and effective change managers – they will not only be more aligned to your strategic priorities, but will be ready to overcome the alignment issues that will have traditionally been all too easily avoided.

‘Transformational Coaching’ – aimed at leaders who are ready to drive 'transformational change'. To execute this successfully, we strongly believe that ‘Coaching with a Purpose’ is a must-have skill, especially in the NWoW. As well as a must-have skill, we believe this should be at the very core of how they lead. Leaders will leave with the ability to lead effective change even in the face of the greatest adversity.

'Future Connections’ – aimed at agile and resilient leaders, this is the next step for those leaders who are already responding to external and strategic changes and managing change effectively. This is the time to celebrate their strengths and their potential, open their minds to the possibilities and to excite and build ambition – how to sustain, compete and win in this NWoW!