Foundation Stones’ Leadership Alignment (LA); supports Leaders (C.E.O, M.D., GM, Functional Head) with their leadership teams, to jointly align, own and execute their strategy. This is achieved through a rigorous while engaging intervention guided by our unique ‘Foundation Stones’ model. Led by our highly experienced consultants, we will challenge the ‘norms’ and ‘shine a light’ on the 'unspokenness' that exists within every team, all the while ensuring we build and strengthen the relationships, trust and confidence in each other to unlock the success, aligned to the CEO’s context.


Leaders who have an end to end view, from their customers through to strategy execution and have the mandate to execute. The level within the organisation is less important than the scope and mandate. It could be company-wide or it could be a department within a larger or matrix organisation.


As with all of our products, context provides the foundation. We start by gathering the context from the CEO or lead within the team. That context will include the CEO’s vision for success, desired success factors, strategic priorities and a deep understanding of the customers/consumers/partners she/he is serving and the market situation and position. We will then connect, ahead of the intervention, with each of the core team. This allows us to learn a little bit about each other, as well as learning about the individual's own context and their perspective on what we have learned from the CEO. We will measure 5 tiers of alignment:

1.      Not fully aligned 

2.      Alignment

3.      Agreement

4.      Belief

5.      Ownership

Of our 68 primary drivers, we are focussed on the 16 most relevant for a leadership team (which drive both Direction and Meaning). An off-site intervention will focus first on the team behavioural dynamics. We look at Trust, Behaviours, Relationships and Governance before we start any “operational” work. Our results are generated by our system and used at a team level to support the work. Alignment or otherwise to the core context is at the heart of this intervention.

We use our Foundation Stones’ unique model to facilitate the team in their aligned view of the customer they are there to serve, what matters most to their customers (Values), what is their “Why?” (Core Purpose). We build this to a Vision, Route Plan, Milestones and success measures which unlock clarity on roles, responsibilities and accountabilities as the plan for Execution then evolves.

As for all of our Foundation Stones programmes, we offer and recommend you utilise our executive coaching capability to help support individuals facilitate and lead, not only the Leadership Alignment intervention, but will also equip those individuals to deal with the ongoing challenges of leadership within today’s business.

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Typically, the output is: -

1. The team leave the intervention with clarity, belief and ownership of a strategy, their accountability and success factors, as well as absolute confidence that, this plan will deliver what matters most for their customers and shareholders alike.

2. A leadership team who are much more connected at both a personal and professional level.

3. A re-energised, aligned and focused team ready to drive and Execute the Route Plan


“All companies have a strategy, however, fewer are making sure of their alignment from top to bottom, from leader’s vision to the most detailed execution. Our journey has been about building alignment at all levels on the vision (strategic, initiatives, roles & responsibilities, emotional engagement), entirely directed towards our customers, constructed upon deep insights of the team, a very robust but pragmatic framework, a very sensible approach of team dynamics”  

 Xavier Blanchard, CEO, AXA Travel Insurance

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