Foundational Review


We will provide unique, rapid and robust insight that will enable significant improvements in business performance.

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The IFR will establish a full and deep understanding of an organisation's strategy, plans, goals and issues. This will provide the context within which your change is being managed.

The IFR will then provide a rigorous, unique and independent analysis of the leadership, the people practices and the culture, with a specific focus on this strategic context, rather than an assessment against external ‘HR best practice’. This insight is gained via one to one conversations with a statistically significant and diverse group of employees, from customer facing through to the leaders, with the critical support of bespoke technology and process.

Foundation Stones will report this unique insight via an Executive Summary, along with the recommended solutions in the form of an action plan or people strategy. It will provide ‘inside-out solutions’ that will ensure improvements are sustainable, providing fixes that are authentic, permanent and deep rooted. Finally as an IFR looks into all the primary behavioural drivers, that are the potential root cause of material people issues, there will be a comprehensive report covering leadership, core people practices and underlying culture.

Typical Benefits Realised and Sustained....


Reduced Cost

Improved Productivity


Customer Advocacy

Brand Value & Integrity

Trust & Engagment


Embedded and Sustained Improvements - delivered by 'inside-out' leadership solutions.

The IFR will Focus on your Strategy and Goals

Assessing your people issues in the context of your strategy and current performance, rather than a comparison to external best practice – We confirm this context with a combination of desktop research (on strategy & process) and interviews with the key strategic players.

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‘Get behind the mask’

Consultants create a safe environment ‘behind the mask’ that enable employees to talk about everything that matters, to give heart felt responses.

Bespoke technology and process ensure subjectivity is minimised in the judgements consultants make. The conversations are non disruptive and rewarding.

Every Room in the House - Speed & Rigour – Looking Everywhere

There are a great number of areas that can materially impact/ influence the willingness and ability of employees to support business improvement. The IFR will look at everything from remuneration to communication, aspiration to collaboration, values to customers, leadership to strategy, working environment to whether they know what a good job looks like. If a material issue exists the IFR will find it by:

One to One conversations with a statistically significant
numbers of diverse employees, levels and disciplines.

Rapid conversations covering 35 areas.
Providing more than 600 items of insight per interviewee.

Highly trained and experienced consultants working
with bespoke technology and process to convert
“great conversations”  into robust and powerful insight.