Ian Michalski
Director & Principal Consultant

  • Ian started his career as a professional musician in a band in Scotland
  • 36 years in Manufacturing (last 20 at MD / Divisional MD level), listening to and delivering for his Customers and Employees
  • Explicit understanding of the need to exceed Customer expectations at all times having supplied products to some of the most demanding Customers in the world (Major U.K. Retailers)
  • This ability to understand the future needs of his Customers, and align that with the Strategic planning and execution of his businesses, have yielded great results
  • The last five years in Private Equity have taught him that even in the most demanding environments, staying close to your Customers, whilst aligning Employee’s behind the delivery, will bring you great results every time
  • Ian joined Foundation Stones as a Director in March 2016, after having carried out a Foundation Stones ‘Organisational Alignment’ program in his business:
“Once I saw the power of FS and the results it generated, there was nothing else I wanted to do. FS is the future and I had to be part of it”