Executive Coaching & Support

Foundation Stones provide coaching for board, executive & leadership teams and individuals.


Our Capability

Leading our executive coaching team is Andrew Coull. Andrew is an experienced leadership coach with an international client base. Andrew draws on his broad experiences both professionally and personally. His experience includes leading a vice and drugs police unit in Hong Kong, leading at store and regional levels at Marks & Spencer and Sainsbury’s then, following 6 years heading the retail business at T-Mobile and EE, he spent 4 years as Executive Director at Telstra (Retail) with 15,000 points of presence across Australia.

"Andrew builds an individual and personal plan with each client, founded in
mutual trust, shared learning, courage and care."


Our Team and Partners

Within the Foundation Stones family we have a strong team including trained and experienced coaches from a wide range of industries. Each and every one of our coaching team is an experienced leader. Some have an HR background and others have operational leadership experience, many at board level.

In addition to our own team, we partner with other specialised coaching organisations who compliment our capability and align with our core values and purpose.

Our Approach

Our core thinking and approach is founded in our belief that...

People only do what they believe in and people only believe in what they discover for themselves.

Aligned to our Independent Foundational Review, our coaching brings us to the key leadership insight, learnings and approach by :

1. We listen to, enquire about and connect with the ambitions.

Ambitions and development priorities of the individual. We believe that our relationship, mutual trust and agreed conditions are a critical foundation to the quality and meaning of our coaching.

2. Every room in the house.

We believe that much of the most important insight is unlocked by the more challenging and courageous conversations. Courage and care work hand in hand, always guided by integrity and our agreed conditions.

3. We do our best work behind the mask.

As with the IFR, we create a safe, trusted and mutual coaching partnership allowing us to be real, ourselves and, at times vulnerable. This is never a one sided interaction and we have found that the best conversations and emergence is where both coach and customer leave their masks at the door.

Coaching covers an enormous spectrum and we at Foundation Stones are proud to offer a partnership that we know, from a great deal of feedback, unlocks powerful and relevant insight that lifts and unlocks capability, belief, courage and possibilities for people both as leaders at work as well as in their worlds and lives outside.