Context and progress (CAP) review

Once a leader has experienced the power of the Independent Foundational Review (IFR) they will experience impressive and sustainable results. However, there are number of reasons why such a leader would ask Foundation Stones back to complete a 're-audit' or CAP review. The main reason is that the world continues to change, therefore the context changes, causing a need to review the material people issues.

A CAP review can be used before problems occur, to feed into a strategic review or to measure progress against previous action plans. For example, you may want to check if engagement has really improved or if the management team are now trusted. 

The format of a CAP review is similar to the IFR with several additions. The current context is compared to the context of the previous IFR. This can be a powerful insight as changes to context can often be missed by the leaders when making critical people decisions. What worked for a leader in one context will often fail in another. There is also a review of progress against the original executive summary & action plan (such as the engagement point made earlier) as well as a new executive summary and action plan, set against the current context. Finally, the full report in the CAP review will note changes from the IFR along with a comparison of results past and present and benchmark comparisons where relevant.

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‘Getting deeper behind the mask’

• Consultants create a safe environment ‘behind the mask’ that enables employees to talk about everything that matters, to give heart felt responses. Due to the previous IFR experience at that business and/or with those leaders, a CAP review can often go even deeper behind the mask.

• Bespoke technology and process ensure subjectivity is minimised in judgements made by consultants. The conversations are non disruptive and rewarding.