coaching with a purpose



Foundation stones  ‘Coaching with a Purpose’ (CP) product is aimed at executive or first line level leaders. Our approach through coaching, is always to support the individual with the sole purpose of improving the execution of their role, particularly around the delivery of the business strategy and the focused Leadership required to achieve it.

Quite often CP interventions greatly support individuals involved in other Foundation stone’s programmes to realise their true Leadership potential.


  1. To support the individual leadership development of executives and first line Management in order to maximise their impact on business performance.
  2. To support newly promoted individuals to quickly acclimatise to their new role and help them gain the clarity and courage to act as Leaders.
  3. To support individuals in the implementation of a Foundation stones programme.


Our organisation is different in many ways but one core area that relates to our coaching approach is that Foundation Stones Helps Organisations to Help Themselves to Improve Performance.

Foundation Stones’ coaching with a purpose is built on that same foundation and we believe that people only do what they believe in and that people only believe in what they discover for themselves.

As with all of our programs, Context is the key. We listen and learn carefully, question and challenge with courage and care to ensure we truly understand our clients’ context. This includes areas like:

●       Why do you do what you do?

●       Who are your Customers and what matters most to them?

●       What does success look like for you?

We agree important conditions that ensure that, before we start, we have a completely safe environment. We agree how we will interact, challenge, confront the issues with both courage and care.

We find that, in most cases, 4-6 weekly conversations are most effective. Each coaching conversation lasts for about 3 hours. In most cases, our client will be talking for 80% of that time as our coach facilitates and encourages the learning and actions.

Following each coaching conversation, we produce and share a “Foundational Leadership Journal”. This is a highly visual record of the conversation, learnings and any actions or areas of practice. We find that our clients can then be 100% in the conversation and then benefit from seeing/reading their journal as part of their continued learning journey.

The purpose – in our coaching with a purpose approach – is to unlock our clients’ potential to lead their team(s) to success against the context provided. This ensures that our consultants are crystal clear on the context and what great success will look like for our clients.

All of our clients, without exception find benefit both personally and professionally from the coaching conversations they have. Perhaps this is because each of our coaches brings a broad and deep experience of leadership and life across a range of industries, cultures and situations which supports a rich, real and relevant conversation.