Leaders are now recognising the importance of getting ‘behind the mask’ to understand the true thoughts and feelings of employees; their values, beliefs and fears. In this 'New World of Work' you have to connect to the hearts and minds of employees. The most successful companies of the future will not be using a leadership philosophy of  'command and control'. 

In order to determine an ‘organisation’s health / alignment’, you must get ‘behind the mask’ in order to find out the true thoughts and feelings of your people.

"These ‘below-the-surface’ factors have to be understood and addressed before shifts in behaviour and culture can be realized to drive organizational health”.

 We believe that the only way to get 'behind the mask' is to speak to employees at all levels, with one-to-one safe conversations. Without this depth of insight, bespoke ‘inside-out’ solutions will not be possible.

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