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A Foundation Stones Context and Progress Review (CAP), is designed to do just that; for the four primary F.S. Alignment programmes (see LA, ELA, SLF or OA product descriptions) we will firstly carry out a detailed analysis of the current context in order to assess the potential impact of any changes to the Business context since our last intervention. Once the new context has been established, we then go on to compare progress, in terms of alignment and performance delivered from the original intervention to the point at which the CAP review is taking place.

Please note: We are starting a CAP review from a ‘known’ start point (due to previous intervention). This knowledge allows us to give you a depth of insight and clarity that cannot be matched.

The client will then receive a clear and concise report on the progress made to date regarding alignment, material issues that will have a serious impact on the successful delivery of their Business strategy and opportunities that will enhance business performance.

Recommendations for further FS interventions to be discussed at this stage.


Changes to Business context (major transformations, significant changes to Markets or competition etc.) would drive a need to reappraise levels of alignment and understand the impact of the changes on the leadership and the organisations behavioural dynamics. (see LA, ELA, OA and SLF product descriptions), all of which will have a significant effect on performance.

Progress check; it is healthy to periodically monitor progress and check the alignment of your teams/organisation. It is also wise to do this before a drop-in performance is observed, that way you can ensure continued performance improvement.


CAP Review for the LA –  the Context and Progress review will spend time reviewing how the Business context (see LA product description) has changed (if at all) and, why and what progress has been made. We will then connect on a 1-2-1 basis with each of the core team to allow us to learn more about each other as well as learning about individuals own context and their perspective on what we have learned from the CEO/Lead.

CAP review for ELA – The very nature of the Extended Leadership Alignment programme means we must first reassess the context from the CEO/Lead and assess the ExCom’s alignment to this. This will be done as previously; utilising our unique system and understanding of the critical primary drivers, we will once again engage with both the ExCom and their extended leadership team in a series of 1-2-1 safe conversations in order to assess the degree to which the ExCom are aligned to the business context (as set by the CEO/Lead) and the degree to which the extended leadership team are aligned behind their ExCom leaders.

CAP Review for OA - in addition to the standard Organisational Alignment programme, the CAP review will assess how the business context has changed, where the current organisational alignment levels are in relation to that. We will also clarify why alignment has changed and what progress has been made against the material issues and action plan from the previous OA.

During OA, all 68 primary drivers of behaviour are reviewed in detail by carrying out safe 1-2-1 conversations with a statistically significant number of people ‘across’ and ‘through’ the organisation, the results from this are generated by our system and used to support our assessment of your current organisational alignment, material strategic issues and opportunities, all of which is personally presented to our client and supported by a detailed hard copy report.


With all CAP interventions, we will measure 5 tiers of alignment:

1.      Not fully aligned 

2.      Alignment

3.      Agreement

4.      Belief

5.      Ownership

Of our 68 primary drivers, we are focussed on the 16 most relevant for a leadership team (which drive both Direction and Meaning). Our results are generated by our system following our 1-2-1’s and used to support our assessment of Leadership alignment, material strategic issues and opportunities, all of which is personally presented to our client and supported by a detailed hard copy report. Further FS interventions would be discussed at this time.

As for all of our Foundation Stones programmes, we offer and recommend you utilise our executive coaching capability to help support individuals facilitate and lead, not only the Context and Progress Review intervention, but will equip those individuals to deal with the ongoing challenges of leadership within today’s business.

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The ‘strength’ of our CAP review is due to our prior involvement and understanding of your business and more importantly your people.

We are starting a CAP review from a ‘known’ start point and as such we know exactly where your organisation and your context have moved in the intervening period. This knowledge allows us to give you a depth of insight and clarity that cannot be matched anywhere else, you and your team will fully understand our recommended areas of focus and action plan.

This CAP review is essential to maintain alignment against your strategy. Our feedback will allow you to understand the risk to your business performance and execution of your strategy. It will report clearly on the material risks and necessary actions required to realign your organisation behind your context. 


“Foundation Stones provided us with a depth of insight that simply doesn’t come from surveys. We were able to validate what we thought, whilst also learning new and strategically important knowledge that we will use, confident in the rigour and integrity of the data and recommendations given” 

Kevin Brennan, CEO, Quorn Foods

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