People Analytics - put the champagne back in the fridge, you haven’t solved the problem yet.

If a person answers a question on a survey does that mean you know what they really think and feel about that issue? You know it doesn’t.

The new pulse survey technology is great and starts a process of getting close to ‘areas of interest’ but they do not give you the answer. For that you need to get 'behind the masks’ we all wear, particularly when answering surveys.

You have to understand the root cause of why people are choosing to behave the way they are. You have to talk to people, in ‘safe conversations’ and in statistically significant numbers, to understand why people choose to behave that way and what it would take for them to choose a different behaviour. It is only this insight that will solve your problem.

Foundation Stones is one of a new breed of consultancies that offer this deeper behavioural ‘survey’ based on safe conversations, that enables deeper insight that can solve specific behavioural issues. If you only use survey based insight you are only doing half the job.