Andrew Coull

Andrew Coull
Non-Executive Director

Andrew was leading a tactical police unit in Hong Kong from the age of 20. Heading an armed unit of 60 officers in drugs, vice and significant public risk operations gave Andrew an unparalleled leadership and communication experience from an early age. Culture, language and environmental conditions required humility, agility and curiosity.

Returning to the UK, Andrew joined Marks & Spencer where he spent 10 successful years. Starting in a customer facing role in store, Andrew’s passion for customers and leadership was rewarded with fast progress and roles in buying and international operations, as well as senior positions in store and regional management.

Sainsbury’s supermarkets asked Andrew to take lead of 26 supermarkets as a Regional Business Manager. Four successful and fruitful years established Andrew as a leader and Retailer with the skills and values required for board level appointments.

In 2007 Andrew joined T-Mobile and, in the role of Vice President, he led the retail joint venture with Orange to create the EE brand with 700 stores across the UK.

Andrew was now visible on the international stage and in 2012 he was invited to relocate to Melbourne, Australia where he was appointed first as an Executive Director and then Group Managing Director at Telstra (Australia’s leading telecommunications and media organisation). Andrew is credited with transforming the Retail customer experience as well as developing and aligning the on-line capability, experience and performance.

Andrew returned to the UK in 2016 to join Foundation Stones and lead our Leadership Alignment, Extended Leadership Alignment and Coaching with a Purpose programs.