Whilst as a Leadership team you may have a Strategic Direction and a plan of Execution, are your team in agreement with it? Do they really understand it? Do they know what part they are supposed to play in the delivery of it? Are they able to do it? This is what ‘Alignment’ is all about.

So many businesses fail to deliver their business strategies; this is not because they were unclear about where they wanted to go or indeed how they wanted to get there, but they did not realise that their team and/or their entire organisation was not adequately ‘Aligned’ behind the strategy to ‘land it!’

How can we help you?

At Foundation Stones we work with leadership teams (Leadership Alignment programme) and their ‘extended leadership teams’ (Extended Leadership Alignment programme) to help clarify Strategic Direction and Execution. We then go on to assess current levels of Employee Engagement and/or Change Readiness to then help ensure successful Execution

We measure 5 tiers of engagement and alignment:

1.      Not engaged/aligned

2.      Not fully engaged/aligned

3.      Agreement - basic level of engagement/alignment

4.      Belief

5.      Ownership

A fully engaged and aligned Leadership and 'extended Leadership team' will deliver significant performance improvements; major sustainable step changes in business performance are delivered through Alignment of the entire organisation (Organisational Alignment programme) behind the Leaderships’ Strategic Direction and plan of Execution. This may require assessment of engagement and alignment or a full change readiness assessment.

Our ‘Journey of Alignment' model, featuring all three of our primary alignment programmes described above, is effectively supported by:

  • Coaching with a Purpose’(CP), this will support individuals to drive the process now and ongoing.
  • In addition to CP, we also employ ‘Strategic Leadership Focus’(SLF), this is designed to 'unblock' or improve the delivery of a strategically important area.
  • Finally, we have our ‘Context and Progress Review’ (CAP) which allows us to feedback progress made since our last intervention. This programme also assesses any material changes to the business context, and where current Alignment is versus the previous intervention.