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The future of engagement and alignment

Foundation Stones will accelerate the alignment of your leaders and your entire organisation behind your strategy. 

If your leaders are not aligned (and 73% are not!) they will not trust each other or work well together. They cannot lead effectively? 

Are you sure you know what your employees, or even your leaders, really think and feel about the changes you want to make? Are they aligned?

We can help you deliver your strategy faster by accelerating you to the point where your people are aligned behind what matters most. Once you confirm what 'it' is, we can tell you if your employees/leaders are 'up for it' and what it will take for them to successfully execute 'it'. We combine 'top table' experience with bespoke technology and an expertise in behavioural dynamics to provide unique alignment tools



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...because we talk to people!

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 An interview with Mark Martin

Mark Martin (CEO & Founder) explains how they drive significant improvements in business performance.

This interview was filmed at the CIPD Annual Conference and Exhibition - November 2016